This resource is produced as an orientation point in the contested debate about 'evidence-based' copyright reform. It contains transcripts and short videos of the discussions at the ESRC Symposium, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and a downloadable publication of the full proceedings.

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The Symposium 'What constitutes evidence for copyright policy?' held at Bournemouth University on 8th November, 2012 was part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science. It was organised by Professors Ruth Towse and Martin Kretschmer as a cooperative initiative between the Centre for IP Policy and Management at BU and CREATe, University of Glasgow with the aim of exploring the concept of evidence as employed in copyright policy making, and challenge the concept from a social science perspective. This web resource offers transcripts and short videos of the discussion, an introductory essay, and a bibliography. The aim was to produce an orientation point in the contested debate about 'evidence-based' copyright reform. An authoritative, paginated and citable version of the proceedings is also available for download.

The Symposium took the form of four panels with specific professional and disciplinary groups: policy-makers, stakeholders, social scientists and law professors with an open session to enable wider audience participation. Each panel speaker was asked to give a short opening statement, setting out what constitutes evidence from their disciplinary perspective, using the UK Intellectual Property Office's guidance document on standards of evidence ('clear, verifiable and able to be peer-reviewed') as a starting point for their contribution.