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The following studies have been submitted for inclusion in the Copyright Evidence Wiki.

To add a candidate study to the wiki for completion as a proper record:

  1. Check the record to ensure it is relevant and sufficiently empirical.
  2. Check the wiki to ensure the study is not already recorded elsewhere.
  3. Verify and if necessary correct the citation information for the Candidate Study (ensuring conformity with APA Style)
  4. Click to Promote [Candidate Study Name] to a Full Study.
  5. You will be taken to a form page for the new study page - this will automatically include the citation field.
  6. Add a page name and any fields you wish to include. If you do not include a page name the article will simply be given an incrementing numeral as its name.
  7. Click Save Page to create the new study.

Tidying Promoted studies:

  1. Consider deleting promoted Candidate Studies and including a redirect to the new Live study page


These studies are awaiting moderation.

A very simple check is performed to assess whether they already exist within the wiki - the citation string is compared against live studies for matches. Those without matches appear here.

Links to uploaded papers are embedded in the citation information where applicable.

Candidate ID Citation Create Study
Public:Candidate 001
Candidate 001 Smith, J., & Jones, S. (2015). On the matter of copyright evidence. The Journal of Foobar 1(1).
Public:Candidate 002

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