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Name of Study
This is a required field - unless explicitly defined otherwise the wiki page will be named according to the value in this field.

These should be created using the following naming convention:

Where there is a sole author/editor:
  • Author-surname (year)
  • e.g. Palin (2015)

Where there are two or more authors/editors:
  • Author-surname-1, Author-surname-2 and Author-surname-3 (year)
  • e.g. Palin, Jones and Cleese (2015)

Where there is more than one record by those authors in a given year:
  • Author-surname-1 (year_uniquesuffix)
  • e.g. Palin and Jones (2015a) and Palin and Jones (2015b)
Please note: the row above will autocomplete with the names of existing studies in order to help you to avoid naming collisions. Where it is unavoidable please suffix your Name of Study with sequential letters, e.g. Palin and Jones (2015b)
Please separate authors with a semi-colon.

Adding a new author will create a corresponding wiki page. This may not happen immediately - you can tell it has happened when the hyperlink on the 'Read' page is no longer coloured red. Please visit the author page to update their disciplinary association.
Paper Title:
Year of Study
Year of Publication if exists, if not Working Paper.
Full Citation
APA reference of published work if exists - take it straight from Google Scholar.