Djekic and Loebbecke (2005)

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Djekic and Loebbecke (2005)
Title: Software piracy prevention through digital rights management systems
Author(s): Djekic, P., Loebbecke, C.
Year: 2005
Citation: DJEKIC, P. and LOEBBECKE, C. 2005. Software piracy prevention through digital rights management systems. In: MULLER, G. and LIN, K. J. (eds.) CEC 2005: Seventh IEEE International Conference on E-Commerce Technology, Proceedings. Munich, Germany.
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Main Results of the Study

Policy Implications as Stated By Author

Coverage of Study

Coverage of Fundamental Issues
Issue Included within Study
Relationship between protection (subject matter/term/scope) and supply/economic development/growth/welfare
Relationship between creative process and protection - what motivates creators (e.g. attribution; control; remuneration; time allocation)?
Harmony of interest assumption between authors and publishers (creators and producers/investors)
Effects of protection on industry structure (e.g. oligopolies; competition; economics of superstars; business models; technology adoption)
Understanding consumption/use (e.g. determinants of unlawful behaviour; user-generated content; social media)
Coverage of Evidence Based Policies
Issue Included within Study
Nature and Scope of exclusive rights (hyperlinking/browsing; reproduction right)
Exceptions (distinguish innovation and public policy purposes; open-ended/closed list; commercial/non-commercial distinction)
Mass digitisation/orphan works (non-use; extended collective licensing)
Licensing and Business models (collecting societies; meta data; exchanges/hubs; windowing; crossborder availability)
Fair remuneration (levies; copyright contracts)
Enforcement (quantifying infringement; criminal sanctions; intermediary liability; graduated response; litigation and court data; commercial/non-commercial distinction; education and awareness)