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Flynn, Giblin and Petitjean (2019)Flynn, J., Giblin, R. And Petitjean, F. (2019) What Happens When Books Enter the Public Domain? Testing Copyright’s Underuse Hypothesis Across Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada. University of New South Wales Law Journal, 42 (4)
Giblin et al. (2019)Giblin, R., Kennedy, J., Weatherall, K., Gilbert, D., Thomas, J. and Petitjean, F. (expected June 2019) Available – but not accessible? Investigating publisher e-lending licensing practices. Forthcoming, Information Research; Sydney Law School Research Paper No. 19/20.
Giblin et al. (2019b)Giblin, R., Kennedy, J., Pelletier, C., Thomas, J., Weatherall, K.G., and Petitjean, F. (2019) What Can 100,000 Books Tell Us about the International Public Library e-lending Landscape? Sydney Law School Research Paper No. 19/21
Yuvaraj and Giblin (2019)Yuvaraj, J. & Giblin. R. (2019). Are Contracts Enough? An Empirical Study of Author Rights in Australian Publishing Agreements. Melbourne University Law Review, Vol. 44, No. 1, 2020.
Yuvaraj et al. (2021)Yuvaraj, J., Giblin, R., Russo-Batterham, D. and Grant, G. (2021) U.S. Copyright Termination Notices 1977-2020: Introducing New Datasets. Journal of Empirical Legal Studies (forthcoming)