Perzanowski, A.

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Fagundes and Perzanowski (2019)Fagundes, D. And Perzanowski, A. (2019) Clown Eggs. Notre Dame Law Review, 94(3).
Perzanowski (2013)Perzanowski, A. (2013). Tattoos & IP norms.Case Western Reserve University School of Law 511. Available at SSRN 2145048.
Perzanowski (2017)Perzanowski, A., 'Owning the Body: Creative Norms in the Tattoo Industry', in Darling, K. and Perzanowski, A. (eds.), Creativity Without Law: Challenging the Assumptions of Intellectual Property, New York University Press, New York, 2017, pp. 208–276.
Perzanowski and Hoofnagle (2017)Perzanowski, A., & Hoofnagle, C. J. (2017). What we buy when we buy now. University of Pennsylvania Law Review, 165(2), 315-378.