Seng, D.

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Seng (2009)Seng, D. (2009). WIPO study on the copyright exceptions for the benefit of educational activities for Asia and Australia. Geneva: WIPO. Retrieved, 13(07), 2010.
Seng (2014)Seng, D. (2014). The state of the discordant union: An empirical analysis of DMCA takedown notices. 18 Va. J. L. & Tech. 369. Available at SSRN 2411915
Seng (2015)Seng, D. (2015). 'Who Watches the Watchmen?'An Empirical Analysis of Errors in DMCA Takedown Notices.
Seng (2015b)Seng, D.K.B (2015). Who Watches the Watchmen": An Empirical Analysis of the Reasons for Rejecting Copyright Takedown Notices. Available at SSRN: or
Seng (2021)Seng, D. (2021) Copyrighting copywrongs: an empirical analysis of errors with automated DMCA takedown notices. Santa Clara High Technology LJ, 37(2)