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Methodology (Collection)
Methodology (Analysis)

Triangulation is a qualitative method defined within the Copyright Evidence wiki.

The following studies use this method for data analysis (3):

Garcia-Bardidia, Nau and Remy (2011)Garcia-Bardidia, R., Nau, J. P., & Rémy, E. (2011). Consumer Resistance and Anti-Consumption: Insights from the Deviant Careers of French Illegal Downloaders. European Journal of Marketing, 45(11/12), 1789-1798.
Poor (2012)Poor, N. (2012) When Firms Encourage Copying: Cultural Borrowing as Standard Practice in Game Spaces. International Journal of Communication 6, 689–709
Thompson and Muir (2020)Thompson, S. D., & Muir, A. (2020). A case study investigation of academic library support for open educational resources in Scottish universities. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 52(3), 685-693.