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Q: How do I submit a study to the Copyright Evidence Wiki?

A: You can use the “Propose a Study” webform to submit a study for consideration to the Copyright Evidence Wiki. The webform requires: your name, your email address, and the URL or citation of the study you want to submit. The webform is sent to the sub-editor who determines the study’s suitability for the Wiki and arranges for coding by an accredited coder, if appropriate. Most studies will be included where they are related to copyright and have sufficient empirical material.

Q: How do I search for studies?

A: The Wiki is fully text-searchable and can be used as a dynamic, interactive literature review tool. You can use the “Semantic Drilldown” feature to tailor your search in more detail and filter according to a range of factors, including country, industry and research method.

Q: How are the studies sourced?

A: Since December 2017, studies have been sourced using a combination of Google Scholar Alerts and crowdsourcing through the “Propose a Study” function. The exact search strings used for the Google Scholar Alerts are detailed on the Methodology page. We aim to code 50 studies per year using this method.

Q: How do coders decide what information is included on the study page?

A: Our Coder Guide provides instruction for coders on what information should be captured from studies and how this should be formatted.

Q: How do I cite the Copyright Evidence Wiki?

A: Please use the following citation, including the date when you accessed the Copyright Evidence Wiki:

The Copyright Evidence Wiki: Empirical Evidence for Copyright Policy. CREATe Centre: University of Glasgow (http://CopyrightEvidence.org)

Q: I’ve spotted an error in a study – how can I suggest an amendment?

If you notice any errors or information that requires updating in a study, please send details to thecopyrightcentre@gmail.com. The sub-editor will review this and amend the error if appropriate.