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This category uses the form Study.

Semantic Drilldown
Author property = Was written by
Year property = Was published in year
Related to property = Has reference to
Discipline property = Has discipline, category = Disciplines
Data Type property = Has data type
Secondary Data Source property = Has data source
Data collection method property = Has method of collection
Data analysis method property = Has method of analysis
Country property = Has country
Cross country study property = Is cross country study
Comparative study property = Is comparative study
Literature review property = Is literature review
Government or policy study property = Is government or policy report
Time period of data collection property = Has data year
Funder property = Was funded by
Fundamental Issues property = Has relationship with fundamental issue
Evidence Based Policies property = Has relationship with evidence based policy
Data sample size property = Has sample size
Data unit of assessment property = Has level of aggregation
Data material year property = Has data material year
Data industry property = Has industry

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